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General Surgery

What is General Surgery?

General surgery is a technical discipline that includes the treatment of systemic and local problems in the body with surgical methods, as well as wound healing, metabolic and endocrine response to injury, and has influenced many surgical and basic medicine branches in terms of their development.

The Department of General Surgery works in collaboration and coordination with many disciplines due to its wide area of ​​interest.

Another area of ​​interest of General Surgery is traumatology. Due to the existence of multiple organ system injuries in trauma patients, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Urology, Cardiovascular Surgery departments act together. Especially in severe multi-organ injuries, the Department of General Surgery undertakes the coordination of all these branches of medicine.

One of the most important stages in the treatment of General Surgery patients is to return the patient to his old life as soon as possible after the surgery. This is achieved by working closely with the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation department.

With the introduction of therapeutic surgical applications into the practice of medicine, "Surgery" was adopted as a separate branch of medicine, but all surgical branches were discussed under the name of "GENERAL SURGERY" due to the limited surgical methods at that time.

However, parallel to the developments, the surgical applications of separate organs or systems have led to the division of general surgery and the birth of different surgical branches. When evaluated in this sense, surgical branches such as neurosurgery, ear-nose-throat, eye, lung surgery, cardiovascular surgery, urology (kidneys, urinary tract, bladder and male genital organs), gynecology, orthopedics, plastic surgery, pediatric surgery. They are separated from surgery.

Today, when "General Surgery" is mentioned: thyroid surgery, breast surgery, esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines, breech diseases (hemorrhoids, etc.), liver, pancreas, gall bladder and biliary tract, hernia surgery is understood.

Our General Surgery Services:

⇒ Diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases

⇒ Thyroid, parathyroid diseases treatment and surgical interventions

⇒ Open hernia surgery

⇒ Treatment of gallbladder diseases and laparoscopic surgery

⇒ Stomach, small intestine, large intestine diseases treatment surgery

⇒ Treatment and surgery of spleen diseases

⇒ Liver surgery

⇒ Anal region diseases (Hemorrhoids, anal fissure, etc.)

⇒ Plonidal sinus surgeries and abscess draining (hair rotation)

⇒ Emergency and surgical intervention in trauma and injuries

⇒ Burn treatment

⇒ Removal of formations such as superficial lipoma in the skin and subcutaneous tissue

⇒ Biopsy


As Private Akdeniz Hospital General Surgery Department, we wish you a healthy day.

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