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The following procedures are carried out in our neurosurgery department

In our hospital, in our neurosurgery department; Surgical procedures for the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system are applied with the help of modern medicine and technological possibilities. For this purpose, the most modern diagnostic and treatment methods of modern medicine are used in our hospital.

Spinal diseases, especially back and neck pain or hernias, spinal stenosis and spinal tumors can be treated; Our experienced staff will determine and apply which of the newly developed surgical methods worldwide (open-closed, microsurgery, fixation procedures such as spinal screwing, minimally invasive methods such as laser and nucleoplasty) are more suitable and harmless for you.

The rapid diagnosis, diagnosis and care of all types of trauma (head trauma, spinal trauma, etc.) that can result from various accidents can be carried out by the neurosurgery department in coordination with the emergency department and the intensive care unit for 24 hours.

Brain tumors; these are treated using the most advanced microsurgical methods, and hydrocephalus (water retention in the head) in children or adults can be treated with shunt and endoscopic ventriculostomy operations.

Peripheral nerve diseases, nerve entrapment of all kinds, compressions, cuts, transplants as well as pain and numbness caused by nerve compression are treated with various microsurgical methods (microvascular decompression).

Operations in our department:

Brain tumor operations,

Endoscopic operations on Hypophysetumors,

Operations of diseases of the cerebrovascular system (aneurysm, cavernoma, AVM),

Operations for cerebral haemorrhage,

Surgery of head, spinal and peripheral nerve trauma, surgical and medical treatment of all types of infections of the brain, spinal cord and spine,

Spinal, spinal cord and peripheral nerve tumors and cyst operations,

Operations for back and neck hernias (intervertebral disc hernias), canal stenosis (spinal stenosis) and spinal displacements (Listesis),

Surgery for peripheral nerve compression (trapped neuropathies),

Hydrocephalus surgery,

Surgery of congenital developmental disorders (meningocele, meningomyogocele, encephalocele, craniosynostosis, tethered spinal cord syndrome, dermal sinus, etc.),

Functional neurosurgery (tirigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm) operations are performed in our hospital.

As the neurosurgery department of the private Akdeniz hospital, we wish you healthy days.



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Opr. Dr. Ali ÇETİN

Opr. Dr. Ali ÇETİN

Brain and Neurosurgery

Brain and Neurosurgery