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In the Psychology department of Private Akdeniz Hospital, all psychotherapy programs are applied in weekly sessions by our psychologist. The program to be implemented is explained to the client in detail, within the principles of confidentiality and boundaries. When deemed necessary, the case is followed up with the psychiatry department.

Adolescent and Child Psychotherapy

In Adolescent and Child Psychotherapy programs, parent counseling, psychotherapy for school-age children, adolescent depression, self-confidence development, school adjustment problems, coping with exam anxiety, career counseling, behavioral problems, relationship problems, sexual problems and family during adolescence. A wide range of services are provided, such as internal conflict. In addition, preoperative psychological support is provided to pediatric patients who will undergo surgery.

Adult Psychotherapy

Adult therapy is individual interviews with an adult client in a specific structure. The problem brought by the client is handled from all angles, and the client works together to achieve the determined goal. The main purpose of individual adult therapy is to gain and strengthen the client's ability to cope with problems.

Marriage and Couples Therapy

Marriage and Couple Therapy programs include therapeutic studies on open communication, expressing emotions, developing honesty, self-confidence and empathy, self and couple awareness, and effective problem solving. There is a psychological support program for couples with infertility problems or treatment. In Family Therapy programs, treatments are provided for family communication problems, coalition and border problems, unexpressed emotions, personal and familial awareness, and empathy development.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy gives very effective results in many couples with sexual dysfunction. Gaining skills that will strengthen the relationship, especially in problems related to arousal and orgasm, through behavioral interventions and various techniques; In cases of anxiety, it is aimed to eliminate anxiety and to establish a healthy interaction between the couples.

Common Psychological Ailments We Provide Psychotherapy Services

• Anxiety Disorders: Generalized anxiety, panic disorder and agoraphobia, phobia, posttraumatic stress disorder

• Sexual Dysfunction: Vaginismus, Premature Ejaculation, Sexual Reluctance, Erectile Dysfunction, Anorgasm

• Depression

• Obsessive compulsive disorder

• Bipolar disorder

• Somatoform disorders

• Eating disorders

• Adjustment disorders

• Personality disorders

• Child – Adolescent Psychotherapy


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Porteus Test
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Frankfurter Test
Frostig Test
Bourdon Test
Bender Gestalt Test
Benton Test
Metropolitan Test
Gesell Test
Agte Test
Goodenough Test
Vocabulary Test
Peabody Test
Beck Anxiety Scale
Beck Depression Scale
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