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Private Akdeniz Hospital Urology Department provides urological diagnosis and treatment services to both adult and pediatric patients. While providing these services, our main goal is to apply clinical experiences based on scientific foundations.

Functional Urology

In today's urology, it is a sub-unit aiming at the diagnosis and treatment of urine storage and discharge problems. Sexual dysfunction, which is often observed with urination problems, is also one of the subjects of functional urology.

Urodynamic unit (urine flow rate, cystometry, EMG, pressure-flow studies) provides detailed examination of problems related to urinary incontinence and urination.

In particular, patients with lower urinary system symptoms (difficult urination, frequent urination, urgency, urinary incontinence…) and neurogenic bladder (spinal cord trauma, multiple sclerosis, myelodysplasia, etc.) are planned to be treated and followed-up after urodynamic evaluation, if necessary.

Benign enlargement of the prostate (BPH) most commonly affects the lower urinary tract in male patients. After the urination problems due to BPH are evaluated in detail, current drug and surgical treatment methods (TUR bipolar, Greenlight Laser XPS) are applied.

The most common complaints of the lower urinary system in Female Urology are the feeling of urgency and urinary incontinence.

In the treatment of stress urinary incontinence, in addition to medical and surgical methods (TOT, TVT….), laser therapy is applied for patients with mild and moderate complaints.

Botulinum toxin injection into the bladder and neuromodulation treatments are performed in addition to drug treatments for diseases such as overactive bladder – OAB (squeeze feeling and/or urge urinary incontinence), Bladder Pain Syndrome / Interstitial cystitis.

Pelvic organ prolapse treatment is applied with open or laparoscopic (uterine protective sacrocolpopexy) methods.


so-called erectile dysfunction in men

There are diagnostic and treatment possibilities for erection and ejaculation problems.

Penile prosthesis (one-piece or inflatable) implantation applied for erection problems,

Artificial urinary sphincter, which is the gold standard method used in the treatment of total urinary incontinence,

Varicocelectomy applied in the treatment of male infertility is performed with microsurgical technique in the Urology Department of Minasera Aldan Hospital.


Stone Diseases

Minimally invasive endoscopic (closed system) methods in which up-to-date technological devices can be used in the treatment of urinary system stone disease:

with flexible and rigid ureterorenoscope

– Ureterorenoscopy and

– Retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS) is performed with laser (Holmium 30 W. Dornier)


– Percutaneous kidney stone surgery – (PCNL) is performed.


Prostate biopsy applied in the diagnosis of prostate cancer is performed using a transrectal biplane probe, using the transperineal method under sedation. With this method, the risk of infection is minimized.

Radical cancer surgery operations applied in the treatment of urological cancer diseases are performed with open and laparoscopic (radical and partial nephrectomy) methods, and related diversion and lymph node dissections (RPLND etc.) are performed in our clinic.

Pediatric Urology

Pediatric urology deals with congenital or later developing urinary and genital system diseases that can be seen in the newborn and later periods, starting from the mother's womb. Examples of these diseases are hydrocele and cord cyst, undescended testicle, circumcision, acute scrotum and testicular torsion, hypospadias (congenital urinary exit hole lower than normal).

Nocturnal bedwetting in children, neurogenic bladder etc. problems are evaluated within the scope of functional urology.

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