Patient Rights

1) Right to Benefit from Services

Patients receiving health services, relatives of patients, every individual applying to our hospital has the right to benefit from all our services in a comfortable environment that respects social values, protects honor, security and peace, without discrimination of cultural religion, language, race or sect.

Our patients have the right to be informed about the diagnosis and treatment opportunities offered by our hospital and how to access the services.


2) Right to Information and Consent

Our patients;

- Medical interventions recommended by themselves or through their legal representatives and
- The potential risks or benefits of each initiative,
- Alternatives to the proposed initiatives,
- They have the right to receive full information in a language and method they can understand about their health status and the complications that may develop as a result of not receiving treatment
- Our patients have the right to receive a written copy of all medical records if they submit their request in writing.
- Our patients have the right to decide or refuse the treatment to be applied after being informed about the risk of serious side effects, risk of death, problems related to convalescence, treatment results.
- If our patients use this right, they are deemed to have accepted that they 'consent' to the procedures to be performed.
- Patients who refuse the recommended treatment are not deprived of other care and treatment opportunities of the institution.
- Our patients have the right to receive information about the correct evaluation and treatment of the disease they complain about.
- Our patients and their families (relatives) have the right to receive information about organ and other tissue donation.
- Our patients have the right to receive clear information about the hospital's mission.

3) Right to Recognise, Select and Change Personnel

Our patients have the right to learn, choose and change the identities, duties and titles of doctors, nurses and other health personnel responsible for their treatment.

4) Right to Choose and Change Institution and Organisation

Our patients have the right to choose and evaluate the health institution and organisation, provided that the procedures and conditions stipulated by the relevant legislation are complied with.

5) Right to Refuse and Stop Treatment

Except in legally mandatory cases and in addition to the responsibility of the patient for the negative consequences that may arise, the patient has the right to refuse or stop the treatment planned or being applied to him/her.

6) Right to Privacy (Confidentiality)

Our patients have the right to receive service in an environment suitable for privacy during the entire treatment process.

The health status, medical condition and all personalised information of all individuals who apply to our hospital are protected in a confidential manner even after death. This information belonging to the patient can be disclosed upon the patient's explicit consent or court order.

7) Right to Respect

Our patients always have the right to have examinations and treatment in a respectful, sincere and smiling environment by protecting their personal reputation at all times and under all circumstances.

8) Right to Request Consultation (Second Opinion)

Our patients have the right to call a consultant physician for diagnosis and treatment. The consultant physician recommends the treatment, but the patient's primary physician approves the procedure.

9) Right to Fulfil Religious Obligations

Our patients have the right to freely fulfil their religious obligations regardless of religious differences as long as they do not interfere with treatment

10) Right to Security

Everyone has the right to be safe in a health institution and to request this.

Necessary measures are taken by our hospital to protect and ensure the safety of life and property of patients and their relatives such as visitors and companions.

Appropriate protection measures have been taken for children, disabled individuals and the elderly (alone, in need of care, unaccompanied) in our hospital.

11) Right to have a Companion and Visitor

Our patients have the right to accept visitors and have a companion in accordance with the procedures and principles determined by our hospital.

12) Right to Submit Complaints, Opinions and Suggestions

The patient and the patient's family have the right to initiate, review, finalise and be informed about the outcome of the complaint mechanism in our hospital in case of violation of patient rights.

13) Health Organisation Rules and Practices

Our patients have the right to obtain information about the hospital rules and practices to be applied to them.

14) Examination and Treatment Fees

Our patients have the right to learn the treatment service fees before the treatment and to request and receive the receipt / invoice of the fees paid for the service they receive later.


Patient Responsibilities

1) Providing Information

Our patient is obliged to provide full and accurate information about his/her health condition to the doctors and nurses in charge of providing medical services.

2) Compliance with Recommendations

Our patient is also obliged to comply with the treatment plan recommended by the doctor responsible for his/her treatment and to accept the fulfilment of the care plan by the relevant health personnel in accordance with the doctor's instructions.

3) Refusal of the planned treatment

Our patient is responsible for the consequences of refusing the treatment planned by his/her doctor.

4) Compliance with Health Organisation Rules

Our patients are responsible for complying with the rules and practices of our health institution.

5) Respect

Our patients are responsible for acting in accordance with the measures and rules to be taken by the hospital in disturbing situations such as noise, visitors, smoke that endanger patients and their relatives in the health institution.

6) Infection Control

Our patients and relatives are responsible for being sensitive about all measures recommended to them to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

7) Payment Responsibility

Our patients are responsible for paying their examination and treatment expenses. Patients and their relatives who deliberately damage fixtures and consumables are responsible for paying this.

8) Patient Visitor

Our patients have the responsibility to accept as few visitors as possible at the same time, not to bring food, drinks, not to use other patients' belongings, and to comply with the hospital visiting hours.