Corporate Values
Corporate Values
Corporate Values

Corporate Values

We know the importance of communicating openly and understanding cultural, physical and psychological needs. We protect the rights of our patients and their relatives without discrimination.


Our top priority is to ensure the safety of our patients, relatives and employees. We don't want anyone to be hurt by avoidable mistakes and we meet the requirements for that. By identifying potential risks in advance, we ensure that patients and their relatives receive medical care in safety.

We strive to understand the needs of our patients and their relatives by considering the entire process and providing a quality of service that may exceed their expectations. We want you to feel our hospitality. We are here to give them the support they need to live healthy lives.

The main source of our institution's performance, change and progress are our employees.. We care about the satisfaction of all members of the private Akdeniz hospital family with their working lives and their commitment to the facility. We believe in the power of effective and constructive teamwork in a trusting environment in order to reach our common aim.

To demonstrate the potential of all our employees through the use of training and development opportunities in a participatory environment based on the mutual exchange of ideas, information and opinions; We want them to take on their responsibility spontaneously and without difficulty. In this way we support the work of different disciplines in harmony and a multidisciplinary work culture.

We show sensitivity to the health needs of society. We try to provide them with the best health service to improve the quality of life. We take great care not to harm the environment or natural resources in our activities. We determine our environmental impact and minimize any negative impacts, protect natural resources, keep our waste under control and minimize air, water and soil pollution using appropriate techniques.

In our decisions and actions, we not only value intuitions, feelings and experiences, but also the collection and use of reliable information. To do this, we research, analyze, share and use the information obtained effectively.

We know that the creative potential of the individual creates the creative and innovative power of the institution. Our fundamental standpoint is to do what is not done by uncovering that potential and do what we do better. We bring creativity, innovation and innovation from the mind to light, where it remains hidden and creates value. With our understanding of quality aimed at business excellence, we see work and improvement as a whole and want to continuously shape the improvement.

Quality Policy

The quality policy of Özel Akdeniz Hospital, which prioritizes patient and employee satisfaction in delivering quality services, is as follows:

  • ♦ To provide coordinated, effective, and seamless care, ensuring safe and low-risk services,
  • ♦ To have personnel with the right skills and knowledge,
  • ♦ To be patient-centered and respectful of patient rights, with effective information flow and continuous improvement principles,
  • ♦ To continue operations in accordance with national and international quality standards,
  • ♦ To provide quality services in line with national and international patient safety goals, using modern technology required by contemporary medicine,
  • ♦ To support in-service training with the participation of all employees, aiming for continuous measurement and improvement,
  • ♦ Tüm çalışanların katılımı ile sürekli ölçme ve iyileştirmeyi hedefleyerek hizmet içi eğitimi desteklemek,
  • ♦ To protect the rights of patients and their families, and to inform and educate them at every stage of treatment,
  • ♦ To continuously enhance effectiveness without compromising the requirements of the Quality Management System,
  • ♦ To provide quality service in accordance with scientific, moral, and ethical principles at an appropriate cost.


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