What is Metabolism and How to Accelerate?

What is Metabolism and How to Accelerate?

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is the chemical process by which the energy the body needs to perform basic functions such as respiration and digestion is converted into energy by breaking down food molecules in food and drinks.


Why is metabolic rate important?

Metabolic rate is the biggest determinant of weight balance. A fast-working system uses food as energy by not storing it. The slow way of working contributes to an increase in weight due to the storage of food


What are the factors affecting metabolic rate?

Metabolic rate is related to age, gender, eating habits, physical activity, chronic diseases and medications. Metabolic rate may increase or decrease with the differences in these conditions.

The most effective of these factors is age. During infancy and childhood, metabolism works very fast. As we get older, metabolic rate starts to slow down.

Gender is another factor affecting the metabolic rate. This is due to both the genetic structure and the difference in the lives of men and women. Genetically, men have a faster metabolism due to their hormone and muscle structure.

Some chronic diseases (such as Hashimoto's, diabetes) and some medications used have an effect on metabolic rate. While some drugs slow down the rate, some drugs accelerate it.

The most important factors that depend on the individual in metabolic rate are eating habits and physical activity. Nutritional content, meal times, amount of water consumption, spices used form the eating habits and affect the metabolic rate.

Physical activity accelerates metabolism as it supports muscle growth. For this reason, regular exercise is always important.

What Are the Foods That Accelerate Metabolism?

Metabolism-accelerating foods may differ depending on the person. According to researches, ginger, hot pepper, cinnamon, vinegar, green tea, mate tea have a metabolism accelerating effect.

Especially protein (meat products-eggs-dairy products) consumption accelerates the metabolism as the body will need a great deal of energy during digestion and this energy will be obtained by using calories that will be stored by the metabolism.

Another is fibrous foods (vegetables and fruits). Fibrous foods are difficult to digest and expend a lot of energy during digestion. This is one of the ways to speed up basal metabolism.

Spices such as cumin, rosemary, thyme, turmeric are metabolism boosters.


What Are Other Metabolism Boosting Factors?

Sleep, stress and water consumption are also metabolism boosting factors.

*Getting more or less sleep than needed can cause the metabolic rate to slow down.

*While intermittent stress has the effect of accelerating metabolism, being under stress for a long time slows down the metabolic rate.

*Research shows that regular consumption of water in regular amounts and at the rate required by the body accelerates metabolism.

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