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Internal Medicine

Internal diseases department examines the internal organ systems of individuals who have passed the childhood (15 years of age). It provides diagnosis and treatment services related to the dysfunctions of the organs of this system. In addition, it raises awareness and guides each individual to whom it provides health services about the measures to be taken to protect himself/herself from diseases.

Internal medicine is a branch of medicine; Also known as Internal Medicine. It deals with the digestive system, hormonal system, heart, lung, kidney, blood diseases, internal diagnosis and treatment of cancer, infectious diseases, rheumatic and allergic diseases, health and diseases of the elderly patient group.

General Internal Medicine is a discipline that forms the basis of all clinical branches of medicine. The problems of the majority of patients who apply to health institutions are in the field of internal diseases. It covers a very wide area such as upper and lower respiratory tract diseases, hypertension, gastrointestinal system diseases, kidney diseases, thyroid diseases, diabetes, rheumatic diseases.

Internal medicine, known as internal diseases, is a science consisting of 6 main departments.

These Sections:

1. Hematology (Blood Diseases)

2. Endocrinology (Hormone Diseases)

3. Gastroenterology (Digestive System Diseases)

4. Oncology (Benign Tumors and Cancer Diseases)

5. Rheumatology (Rheumatic Diseases)

6. Nephrology (Kidney Diseases and Hypertension)

In our Internal Medicine Department:

⇒ Diabetes

⇒ Obesity

⇒ High cholesterol

⇒ Hormone disorders (thyroid, growth hormone, etc.)

⇒ Blood diseases (Anemia / Anemia, Leukemia Lymphoma, Coagulation Disorders)

⇒ Kidney diseases

⇒ Stomach and Intestinal Diseases (Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Rectosigmoidoscopy)

⇒ Vitamin and Mineral Imbalances

⇒ Liver diseases

⇒ Diseases of the spleen

⇒ It is treated by internists experienced in jaundice and similar ailments, and under the control of other departments and dietitians when necessary.

As Private Akdeniz Hospital Internal Medicine Department, we wish you a healthy day.

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Uzm. Dr. Ali Nihat GÖK

Uzm. Dr. Ali Nihat GÖK

Internal Medicine
Uzm. Dr. Mehmet YILDIRIM

Uzm. Dr. Mehmet YILDIRIM

Internal Medicine
Uzm. Dr. İbrahim Kara

Uzm. Dr. İbrahim Kara

Internal Medicine